I like myself and everything life has offered me...

I am the cartoon character 'Calvin' of Calvin & Hobbs... Afraid of playing games, afraid of riding two wheelers, afraid of big bullies... but nah, I am not girl-hater (!) as he is :)
I like to fantasize, day dream a lot and make things up. I like to indulge in the activities I like and completely ignore those which I don’t like.

I like to read a lot... read whatever the crap, which fuels my thinking, tickles my senses and allows me to day-dream. I have been reading since I learnt my alphabets. This was only habit I took up from my father. Books give me high and make me feel better whenever I am feeling cranky :) I like all the writers I have read. My most favorite is Dean Koontz. I can relate to him as he thinks like me. All of his plots are deeply researched ones depicting human values and their validity in testing times. And all of his novels are totally psyched up and unnerving.

I like to listen to music... music of any kind, any language. I like those songs better, whose lyrics I can comprehend, so otherwise I like all those instrumentals. Titanic music album is my all-time favorite. All of its 40 tracks have made me their slave, lifted my spirits whenever I have felt low. I feel totally relaxed listening to Yanni in 'Nightingale'. My heart soars listening to S. Janaki singing 'Nagoo endide' or Asha singing 'Do lafjonki hai'. I like MSSubbalakshmi, singing 'Bhavayaami' exclusively for me in my earphones into my heart. I like Lucky Ali in ‘Tere Mere Saath Jo’. I simply adore A. R. Rehman’s for his work in ‘Alaypayuthe’ and ‘Rang De Basanthi’. I like Ilayarajah for all of his movie songs and his albums of instrumentals.

Everybody has best and worst of their expressions. My worst expression is my talking... I am the most awkward person , if you ask me to put my thoughts into speech and I can’t impress anybody with it.

And my best expression is my writing . I like to write whatever I feel like writing-my resentment, my fears, my likes & dislikes, my views etcetera. And recently started sending them out to my friends and bugging them :)

I like watching movies. I am a total movie-junkie . I like to watch all type of movies from all over the world. Steven Spielberg is my most favorite director. My all-time favorite is ‘Forrest Gump’. I like all movies of Puttanna Kanagal (my favorite is ‘Dharani Mandala Madhyadolage’). I like horror genre separately. (The best of it is ‘The Blair Witch Project’).

I like to paint... This is my favorite hobby after reading.

I like to visit new places and meet new people (in my most 'approachable' sense). I like to trek, wish to travel around world one day.

I like to be with my friends . Unfriendly and cold as I am, I have been blessed with the best of them. They are the loveliest gift I have received from my life. Each one is unique and so they complement me in many ways. They give me confidence, hope and company...

I like my space. I like my solitude. It gives me time to reminiscence about myself .

I like my mom very much . She has been the driving force for me; a beacon of hope whenever I feel worthless and whenever I am down with insecurity.

I like to be liked, cared and pampered. I like to be needed. I like all those gifts my friends give me.

I like to be loved; I like the idea of being in love...

And I like...