I am Shivakumara K. S. friends call me Shivu or Shiv.

I am working here in Bangalore.

I was born on 1st of August in a village called Gonibeed (Chikmagalur District) as first child to my parents.

Now I have done diploma in Computers, currently studying for a B. E (evening), working, and doing so many other things, sometimes I feel I will end up being Jack-of-All! But joke aside, I like to paint, like to listen to music, read a lot of novels & scrap, like to watch movies, I write, want to be with friends, roaming, trekking, visiting new places. And sometimes I like to be left alone (like to hear the sound of the solitude).

And if you meet me, I come as a very normal person, may be little boring. I am not a conversation-starter. And I lack the ability involve in one, unless I know something about the subject and the persons involved. However, once you know me and I am comfortable with you, you wish I was an unknown person! Because I start bugging your mind with my thoughts, views. I use a very sublime approach to convert you. And in no time, you will be my friend!

The proof is the number of friends I have. They are all best friends to me (and they know, if I am one of the best for them). Everyone, unique in their own way-sportive, reserved, practical, jocular, I find each one of them complement to my own personality.

There is still more than a year for my B. E. to be completed. My parents are waiting to see me get married (some of my friends started...) and settle down! Till then its just 'Me, myself, my friends and my exploration of this wonderful journey called life!'